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Track parents Info

My name is Nate Heeg. I am the head coach for the Track and Field program at Stratford.  

  1.  Mandy Leonardt will be coaching high jump, hurdles, and to help with administration and meet entries, as well as communication.  
  2. Joe Drexler will be coaching jumps, sprints, conditioning, and warmups.
  3. Tiny (Kevin Michalski) will be coaching the distance running events.
  4. Robyn Hughes will be coaching all throwing events and weight training
We are going to have fun, and we are going to work hard!
We are meeting at the High School Gym this year.  This is a change from prior years.
REMIND APP-make sure to sign up if you haven’t already.  ALL communications for Track and Field will come through REMIND. 
“Class Code” for remind (download the smartphone app):  @eg6kc6 

This is the code you will need to put in the Remind app to sign up.

  • You can also use this link to sign up for remind if you cannot download the app on a smart phone:
  • Parents/Guardians are also encouraged to sign up for remind to get updates and communication throughout the season.
  • Physical forms.  Please make sure your physical is up to date and in the system with the school.  If you are not sure, ask, and we will figure out what you need. 
  • Registration for Track and Field.  Please make sure you are signed up and registered for Track and Field on the school’s website. 
  • Pre-Season organized training and camp:  Week of March 15th and March 22nd.  You are strongly encouraged to attend as a lot of what we will cover here will be to provide a baseline for when practice starts.   3:30pm to 5pm daily.  This will mostly take place in the high school gym, but if weather permits, we may also be utilizing the outdoors.
  • Practices.  To start, we will be meeting in the High School Gym.  If the weather is nice, we are going to start on the track from day one of practice (April 19th).  Plan to be outside EVERY DAY.  This means you will want to have a hoodie, sweats, and other attire to keep you warm at each practice.  Practices will run from 3:30pm to 5:30pm.  There will be some weekend practices based on our meet schedule as it has been in prior years.  We will communicate that in advance to you. 
  • Shoes.  If you are unsure what types of shoes your athlete should have, please contact me, and we can discuss it.
  • First day of Practice is April 19th, 2020.  The season start has been delayed due to Covid and the WIAA schedule.  If you are curious on more details and information from the WIAA and want to take a look, here is the website:
  • The season runs from April 19th to June 26th.  The state track meet is Friday June 25th and Saturday June 26th.  At this point it still looks to be at Lacrosse as it always is. 
  • I understand that this season schedule change is going to be unique and will present some challenges.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.  This will be a unique year for all athletes as it has been all year.  The spring season will be no exception, especially the month of June.  I will communicate all updates as quickly as possible.  Meet schedules will most likely change, as the WIAA navigates the Covid protocols for spring sports.   Most of these updates will be via the REMIND App. 
  •  Spectating at meets.  We do not have guidance on this yet.  As soon as we have information on this, we will be communicating it. 
  • Concessions.  This is something I could really use your help with.  I am looking for a volunteer to run the concessions for our track program.  There will be someone who will train the person who would volunteer to lead the team.  We host 3 meets this year at Stratford, and concessions goes a long way to helping provide new equipment, uniforms, and other items the team needs.  If you are interested in helping either run the concessions team or would like to volunteer for one of the events, please let me know.  715-316-8551.  I appreciate your consideration in advance!
  • Apparel.  We have 2021 Stratford Track and Field apparel!  Here is the link to order:   Great new design for this year, check it out!

I care about your kids and this program, and I want to help them succeed in their goals while helping the team represent Stratford well!

Code of conduct.  
As coaches we got together and discussed that we want to be a team through and through. We are asking that you as parents and athletes read the attached document, sign it, and bring it to practice.   That document is attached. 

As a team we need to be there together. We will be taking attendance daily. You will see in the code of conduct that there is an un-excused absence portion. We are taking this seriously and we ask that you do as well.

We cannot get better if we are not at practice and taking it seriously.

I am asking you to commit to the team and trust us as coaches to help you get to where you want to go.


Any questions or concerns, please reach out to me.


Cell:  715-316-8551 (text or call)

(You can also PM me on the Remind app as well)

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